We're two Berliners and have foundet NO FIRE NO GLORY in 2009. Coffee is our passion and we’re not alone. Every great cup of coffee requires input from the farmers, roasters and baristas.

Our espresso blend will vary in composition and thus in taste due to seasonal changes and different bean origins. The best way to stay informed is either to speak to one of the baristas or to have a look at the blend descriptions located in front of the grinders.

We aim to showcase the diversity of coffee, and for that reason we offer freshly brewed filter coffee from changing exceptional micro roasters. A menu of current drip coffees can be found at the brew bar.

Once coffee beans have been roasted they begin to mature and release carbon dioxide gas in a process known as „degassing“, which affects the flavour of the coffee. We only use filter coffees that are less than fifteen days past their roast date and we consider our espresso blends to be at their optimum for use between the fifth and fifteenth day after roasting. Our espresso coffee is always ground fresh to order.

We only use Demeter certified milk from Brodowin which is delivered fresh daily. The milk is steamed fresh to order and is never used twice. In order to retain the milk’s natural sweetness we try to avoid heating it beyond 65°C.

Our breakfast and brunch is prepared a la carte with regional products.

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